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    does it hurt you when you breathe?
    stink around the wallet itch
    a towel was thrown between the ropes
    sweat inside your eyelids
    it exorcised the fire from the sky
    (snakecharmer make them dance again)
    it exorcised the fire from the sky
    (make them itch in kerosene dance)

    prepare your sleep apparatus

    autopsy performed on probable cause
    while you sleep
    they will come and get you tonight
    (so i guess this is goodnight...)

    skip with elbowed sobs
    your palms were soaking wet
    parched in the stupor
    elbowed, teach the tutor
    peel the scabs
    incognito with wounds
    this anecdote fountain
    won't dry too soon

    500 times
    "i must not talk out of turn"

    no vents opened
    but all settlements new
    a second native
    for deserved growth

    permission to land
    all systems go...
    propeller snapped
    decapitated while you slept
    upon your pillow

    inertia kisses those around me.

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