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    pigeon holed decision making
    all my mind's made up
    i only colored outside the lines
    'cause i got the knack
    stenciled teen initials
    that were carved on the roof of my mouth
    only to bark the words of so-and-so
    fuck so-and-so...

    i been dancing in the bathroom stalls
    excreting words just for this song
    i'm kicking in windows
    and it don't make music to me

    "please get some medication
    simple. it's simple...
    we must die with dignity."

    pallbearer we are and all that
    we never get and all my little pushes
    fall on your

    kicking in these windows
    kicking in these windows
    it's on the roof of my mouth
    i'm gonna bark the words
    on the roof of my mouth

    tickling with contusions
    paper bag masks hiding infantile music
    no pictures, just words
    are you afraid of our books?
    illiterate cells for the valley of mules

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