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    pregnant with the keys
    to your stick shift mood
    can't get yourself ignition
    can't get yourself ignition

    grease-stained parking lot
    embed and loiter bottle tops
    dipped in the secretion
    of your syphilis flirtation

    must we go spell it out?
    roman candle, cradles, teething
    dressed in innuendos

    "c" is for contraction
    30 minutes apart
    umbilical agendas
    in the coup de jat

    "c" is for the cul de sac
    tiennamen reverse
    parking all the grandeur
    in backseat afterbirth
    grease-stained parking lot
    loiter tops dipped in the secretion

    must we go spell it out for you?

    mao tse tung ferver
    in his petty glance
    in this cursive dysentery

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