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    pinch history
    feel the pinch blistering
    pinch me in my dreams
    'cause i'm still not listening
    X marks the spot
    on your calendar days
    a beard half eaten
    crawling with legs
    temper tempered temperature

    manuscript replica

    in infrared is how we saw
    the night that lit up
    scarecrow plots
    the nerve that pinches
    crippled hobbled
    frolicked flat on its own face

    jigsaw pattern
    dominoes left a trail
    the whites of their eyes
    polaroids of the tale
    for our amusement
    we bring stares to the defendants
    mechanical panaceas
    absolved by history
    phonetic paralysis
    inflicted through morality
    the seed that it nurtured
    was a wilted bouquet
    temper tempered temperature

    squirming through cuts in a throat
    cut it...cut it...

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