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    intravenously polite it was the walkie-talkies
    that had knocked the pins down
    as their shoes gripped the dirt floor
    in the silhouette of dying
    dancing on corpses' ashes

    yeah, they had plans for him
    they has spun the last of the pimps
    corduroy, satin nailed jewelry lips
    while the guillotine just laughed again
    dancing on the corpses' ashes

    paramedics fell into the wound
    like a rehired scab at a barehanded plant
    an anesthetic penance beneath
    the hail of contraband

    they had been defected and excommunicated
    and all the pulses were subverted
    and they made sure the obituaries
    showed pictures of smoke stacks

    a vivid dissection that mocked
    the strut of vivisection
    semi-automatic colonies
    and a silencing that still walks the streets

    in the company of wolves
    was a stretcher made of
    cobblestone curfews
    the federales performed
    their custodial customs quite well

    callous heels
    numbed in travel
    endless maps made
    by their scalpels

    on my way
    nails broke and fell
    into the
    wishing well

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