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    we sample from the shelves
    tore a page out of this chapter
    deface the essays in the book that you're reading
    we are the leaches that stop the bleeding
    deficit attention program
    by any means necessary
    blare sirens to the library
    whisper instructions to the book-wormed glossary

    is it heavier than air - tell us, is the black box lying?

    aeronautics hacked
    the spine of paragraphs
    prepare to indent, a coma that read-
    floating in a soundproof costume
    here comes the monolith
    brass knuckles for the hissie fit
    an abbreviation for the landing of fleets

    position the stitches - like miles of torpedoes
    permission was hinted
    lungs that hollered in a sleeper hold

    is it heavier than air - am i supposed to die alone?

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