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    they say that thirteen is just a number
    a double agent funded in the secret
    of the hive and the workers and their lives
    all sweet and honeycombed
    a hunger ravenous and funded
    incognito razor burns
    talcum powered fingerprints
    all sweet and honeycombed
    stick your tongue on the north pole
    read the graffiti splattered on the convertible
    this bullet x marked the rumors jet-lagged
    stab you with this pitchfork
    part your hair on the grassy knoll
    a cavity of candy in havana captivity
    we heard the mug shots
    a patsy inclined.
    let the pollen make you sneeze
    all sweet and honeycombed
    "hasta la victoria siempre"
    manana hay misa para los sordos

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