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    What is left to inspire?
    A fabricated facade out of a perfect world replaces the old.
    I loathe this decaying society and culture, there are no more heroes, there's no hope anymore.
    Generations of literary masterpieces and avant-garde aesthetics are now buried
    Between the trend of the week and between you and me there's no sense of decency.
    Culture is a joke, everyone is dead inside.
    Nothing is right anymore, as black coats my eyes I renounce it all.
    Because we are brought up with blinders to know right from wrong, consequently well one man's morals are another man's bombs.
    This world is filled with death and hate, this world's filled with hate.
    And millions have died as a means to their end, and millions more will die as they seek their revenge, so I will rise above.
    I can now rise above.

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