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    This is the return, a time for change and things have not, this is the return to the roots and movements of our mothers and fathers.
    It's power to the people and 2 years of protested war makes this country's dose something that's lethal,
    This country's voice is to be heard.
    Can you hear me?
    The resistance of the system.
    The saul alynskies and the allen ginsbergs of the 2-1 era.
    Human rights will return, don't say "well maybe".
    Our 1st amendments will return.
    Make these walls respect, or they shall burn.
    This is a breakdown, this is a roll call, will you join the fight?
    The true power of protest.
    Can you hear the battle cries?
    By the dawn's early light.
    What so proudly we would hail breaks down before our eyes.
    The return is the first step, we have the pen so now let's write, our history.

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