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    Forget our names for one day, just how will we repent unmarked graves.
    Put a face to the names and that is terrorism, the world court proclaimed.
    Oh no, there he goes again, accusations tear their world apart, he leaves when he gets what he wants and so grows another seed of hate.
    This seed of hate then grows up only knowing death.
    Civil wars and genocide become their gauge, and our memory fades.
    But what happens when they think about that seed?
    "USA is the one to blame for this" and "USA is the cause of all our dead" so "Seek revenge, attack them"
    "Burn, how does it feel to see your loved ones die? Now you know how we feel."
    The tragedy is what your policies do to us while "saving democracy", now that's the irony.
    No good can come from lies.

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