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    Now break down these walls
    These walls aren?t strong enough
    To keep you inside
    We?ll never see I to Eye
    She said, I?m sorry I lied
    But I do what I have to
    To keep you around
    It?d be a shame to lose you now
    I know
    I can?t let you see me
    When your wondering this all
    I can?t
    Let you down
    Knowing that your wondering this all
    (You?re withering away)
    So now that I can
    Leave you in this place
    Without a care in my mind
    I never felt safe here anyway
    So how are you now?
    You know that I?m gone
    I?ll always be the one who got away
    (The words that you say)
    (You won?t be happy)

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