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    And please just go away
    Please, I can?t take this now
    I don?t care what you want this will not affect me
    I sit here watching your heartache on TV
    And I don?t care what you do
    As long as you don?t bug me
    And please stop singing my thoughts back to me
    And please just go away
    Deciding what to do
    Please just carry on
    I know you wanted to
    I?m always in this room
    There?s not enough to breathe
    With all these padded walls
    Just whisper it to me
    And I hear all these sounds
    In all this emptiness
    Think I feel it around me
    But its just loneliness
    I just want to feel happy
    Like back when we were both the same
    And I just want to be in control
    Of the things we both once knew
    (Just go away)

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