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    See the father's barn burning
    Watch as the flames
    Illuminate the sky
    See the boy who set the fire
    Watch the barn burning
    In his eyes in his eyes
    Hear the cattle calling out
    Into the night
    They crowd against the fence
    Until it breaks
    And as it breaks
    The arson shakes
    Know that it's life
    And nothing more

    See the boy obey the father
    Stuffing the crying
    Kittens in a sack
    Hear the father curse the boy
    And whip him with a switch
    Across the back across the back
    See them standing on
    The bridge at twilight
    They tie it to a rock
    And let it go
    And through the tears
    It disappears
    And now he knows
    It's life and nothing more

    And through the tears
    It disappears
    The path is cut the way is clear
    It's up the stairs
    And through the door
    He finds the matches in a drawer
    Into the barn he lights the hay
    It catches quick
    Can't find his way
    Through the burning ash
    And blinding smoke
    He stumbles and begins to choke
    A just reward a settled score
    And now he knows
    It's life and nothing more

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