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    The day begins like another day
    I hear a sermon it must be sunday
    Words are echoing all around
    Coming through the fog

    On my elbows i look around
    Nothing here but the sound
    Of breathing
    All the pillows are in a pile
    And the blanket is off
    I thought the windows
    Were made of glass
    I thought the patterns
    Were on the ceiling
    I thought the pictures
    Were parallel
    I thought that i knew it all

    I didn't know i was stupid
    I didn't think i was stupid
    I couldn't tell i was stupid
    I didn't know it at all

    I get a call from a good friend
    And oh i'm alive again
    She says she's in for the weekend
    And just happened to call
    I try keeping her on the line
    Saying whatever comes to mind
    She says it sounds like you're doing fine
    And leaves me climbing the wall

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