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    They were eighteen and twenty-four
    He told her he had been to war
    She loved him from the minute that he spoke
    She took him in he had her pegged
    She took a razor to her leg
    You could hardly read it through the blood
    It said i love bob

    On the third day it began to rain
    She said bob i just can't stand the pain
    He said catch a ride hey babe i gotta go
    So she drove down to emergency
    And the nurse in the infirmary
    Cleaned it with an antiseptic swab
    It said i love bob

    It's been fifteen years she's thirty-three
    Five years ago she married me
    Misfortunes of the past have been discussed
    But sometimes no when she's alone
    In bed or taking off her clothes
    She traces with her fingers around the scars
    It says i love bob

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