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    Doctor, doctor, where's the doctor
    Wringing wet the woman hollers
    Bandage wrapped around her hand
    Collapses as they run to help her
    Help her up and offer water
    Did somebody call the doctor
    Loud machines so foreign to her
    Sent her splashing red against the wall
    As her fingers fall

    In the back a black piano
    Sits in silence what do we know
    Of it's past and of a time
    And of the place it occupied
    In the parlor with the daughter
    Playing for her drunken father
    Listening until he cried
    You hear it echo out into the hall
    As her fingers fall

    In a bra and underwear
    She's balanced now upon a chair
    A letter written, tucked inside
    A paperback, the rope is tied
    Around her neck and through the rafters
    This is it. she'll show the bastards
    Everything she said was true
    And now she'll be the envy of them all
    As her fingers fall

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