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    Hordes of disgust
    Hungrs, hasty, roaming at night
    Red eyes leering
    Apparitions of the darkest kind
    Heinous rodents
    The past of the modern
    Living terror
    Indestructable abominations
    Symptoms ofthe fulminant deseases
    The number of infected ones
    Inimical towards the human race
    Death in it's most efficient way
    Ghastly creatures
    Enticed by decayed filth
    Abjective vectors
    Crawling in fermenting dirt
    Seat of infection
    Wallowing in stinking slime
    Malicious horror
    Still unaffected by time
    Spreading an awful and deadly
    Whole parts of mankind
    Bubonic plague, immortal enemy
    Several populations attained
    Verrucous corpses lie in the alley
    Mephitic cadavers are rotting away
    The livin covered with furuncles
    Vermin, infesting another decade

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