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    On the way led by the steps
    And on the dead sea
    You can find the way but not until...
    You make blind, hate destroys
    Tears leaf from bleeding tree
    Maybe the tree of life
    Maybe of me
    Don't need you, don't want you
    Don't need a saviour
    I hate you,
    I trusted you
    I lost the wind
    Through your hair my fingers bleed
    Like a tear and a sunset in the woods
    It's a shame to wish to feel
    But not until...
    Now I see the thorn of the dead flower
    In your eyes, in your eyes
    Like a sea that runs
    Into the Abyss, oblivion
    I see the past of humans black
    I stand all night and I pretend
    To know the way to the cathedral
    Touch inside, touch with me, deep inside
    I need to know... To know the world
    Oh God! i'll take the light from me
    Come with me follow me
    Follow me to see the truth
    Among the clouds, follow me
    Or I will prove your existence
    Follow me, follow me
    Or I will prove that you are dead
    Among the clouds, among the clouds
    Sadness lives after we die
    Like a star in my mother's...

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