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    Far away from them
    In a room so deep
    With my soul in my throat
    The last few tears I weep
    I cry to darkest mind
    As leave in silence fall
    Alone I will perish
    Forgotten in this hole
    Why can't I grow wings
    To merge with clouds as one
    Why can't I be as others
    Unshamed to hail the sun
    I cannot love this darkness
    But in darkness I will fall
    Helpless as a child
    By dark swallowed whole
    Feelings forever lost
    Thoughts so dark and old
    Blackness grasps my heart
    In a deadly icy hold
    Locked alone in a world of mine
    Being fed by their poisoned lies
    Unspoken lives of leaves
    Unspoken lives of men
    Never again alone in the dark

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