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    Till now my life was just a play
    The love, the pain and faith
    I feel this cold wind on my skin
    This gray wind of the pain
    Winter wakes up my memories
    And screaming to my heart
    I'm looking through the emptiness
    And search for your light
    The time has taken our innocence
    Don't let time take our soul
    This dead ocean in your mind
    Is every moment of the past
    I'm still trying to believe that beatings of my heart
    Are the signs to call the love
    Not just the rhythm to survive
    This is the wheel of life, of me
    Praying for another kind of stories
    You can see the sad time, Oh!
    Lay down alone
    You can see the flowers eyes But just on someone else
    Now my life is the sad bloom
    Lay down alone

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