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    I'm holding up Neptune
    On a raft that's not sinking
    maybe reach out to Venus
    And feel it embrace me

    I'm holding on hostage
    On a raft that's not sinking
    I should reach out to Venus
    From a point I would rather not know

    Let me in
    Let me in
    Let me in
    Like the sun through the blinds

    I'm transversing the northern star
    Driving stakes through the ground
    Counting steps between
    Life passes quickly

    I'm measuring the fanthomless
    Diving towards all the water around me
    I dive but I'd rather not go

    I feel it
    Down on me

    Diving deeper
    All the water
    Around me

    The planets
    They must be
    Let in as well

    Let me in
    Let me in
    Let me in
    Like sunlight through the blinds

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