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    The past was good
    Everything was cool
    Your hands were always warm
    These days are gone
    It's over now
    But deep inside your ruined self cries out
    It's not good you're unwell
    But you keep pretending you're alright

    Yesterday is not the same as it is today
    Your broken heart, your bloody hands are bare tonight

    And now you keep on dreaming
    Those dreams you keep are dying
    You're broken inside
    And now you keep pretending
    You cover up smiling
    Your broken smile
    With your broken
    With your broken
    With your broken smile

    Tears roll down your cheeks
    Hidden on the scene
    Crawling out
    Searching out
    For love
    For love
    For love
    For love
    For love
    For love
    For love
    For love
    For love

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