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    It's aprroximately 6:30 in the a.m,
    this is Baba Oje speaking directly to you,
    right down to earth in a language one can easily understand.
    We gat a list of hits coming at this hour?.this is WMFWfm.
    This hour we got Bob Marley,the sounds of Miriam Makeba, Muta Baruka,we
    gat the life music group gumbo coming atcha this hour, we gat public
    enemy's brand new sounds,we got Curtis Mayfield, we also got something
    coming atcha, an oldone from Isaac Hayes, a brand new one form Tracy
    Chapman, my friend Paris with a brand new album, Yossour N Dour, Black
    Uhuru, Living Color, Vinx, Foley, Chaka Kahn, Follow 4 Now?KRS one, Queen
    Jungle Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Gil Scott Heron, The Last Poets, and last
    but not least, and featuring brand-new sounds by Arrested Development?stay
    tuned and?good morning.

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