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    Wag Your Tail

    Yeah can I have a big bimbo box meal hold the bimbo sauce

    two super sized freaky fries and a make me shiver shake

    (I know who this is?how you doing?)

    I?m doing good sweetheart how are you?

    (I?m O.K. anyway drive around to the 2nd window please)

    Baby remember how you were as a child Everything was up and nothing down

    Every day was hopes and dreams no fears Whatever happened to those years?

    Let?s Rent a Private Jet and Escape

    Fly To Paris Walk on Champs-Elysées

    Let?s Live Your Dreams

    Wag Your Tail for Me

    I Cannot Read Your Mind

    When You?re happy Baby Show Me a Sign

    Just Let Me See

    You Wag Your Tail for Me

    Baby don?t depend on what you see

    Everything?s perception not reality

    Life has thrown some curves but we?ll throw them back

    Straighten out what?s wrong and get back on track

    I called your boss on the telephone

    And said my babies flying off to Rome

    Let Wendy take the register

    And let Cindy sweep the floors and

    Let Joe and dem close the store

    my baby needs a dream and I?m taking her

    wherever seems to make her happy!

    Baby baby you can live your dreams

    Let?s not settle for anything

    You deserve the best of things

    Honey child let?s go ride in the car

    And we?ll fly as far as our minds can conceive

    Let?s rent a private jet and escape

    Fly To Paris walk on Champs-Elysées

    Let?s live your dreams

    Wag your tail for me

    I cannot read your mind

    When you?re happy baby show me a sign

    Just let me see

    you wag your tail for me

    If you?re happy show me a sign

    Wag your tail for me

    Reality is meant to defy

    wag your tail for me

    baby darlin you are so alive

    so am I so let?s fly the sky

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