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    United minds of America
    make your vocal chords reach the clouds and
    touch the crowd of folks that overstand there's no jokes
    we must network together as one &
    tell the oppressor we'll take no less than
    total justice a social setting yo I'm bettin'
    we can stop new world order
    start servin liberty may I take your order
    free political prisoners without no question
    let's give props where due
    If it was you wouldn't you want to know
    that someone cares for what you do so let's show
    political prisoners, homeless humans, organizations
    various movements
    that the people in America have some discipline
    to act on their belief therefore stress activism
    although you are only one person
    if for truth you still thirst well thirst then
    make the difference by joining
    some organization or some movement
    let me explain the powers that be
    are families of power with old money
    Unfortunately on their souls hangs a sold sign
    and in righteous sight they are so blind!
    Infatuated with their power and their greed
    they don't see that GOD is the answer
    Greed has planted a seed within the souls of the 13 families
    drug dealers and hustlers
    All my brothers and sisters that are hustlers
    selling crack cocaine to your followers
    to me you're a sell out an uncle Tom
    in the tom tom club droppin bombs
    Causing confusion shootin and killin'
    you're playin the role putting fear in populations
    making us allow the system to "protect" us
    allowing the chicken snake to protect the chickens
    police brutality claiming victims
    the powers that be may come with their solutions
    but trust me their trees bear No fruits no
    I guess that's why I get spiritual
    spirituality supports reality no not catholic no not Baptist
    no not passive
    very active!

    United minds of the Americas
    minds of Africa and the Caribbean
    and the Europeans and the Asians and Australians
    it's not just race we're all in this together!
    Lets play a game of jeopardy what's the question?
    Social Medicines the answer
    I try to eat healthy to avoid the cancer
    one ounce of prevention beats 100 pounds of cure
    pure ways of living is not hippish
    it's not white not black it's just conscious
    conscious of your health, conscious of your self
    instead of being so damn conscious of your wealth
    (or lack of so...)
    DO you know about the Panthers,
    the MOVE organization, Kwame
    Nkrumah, the Zulu nation or just Nikes and Pumas
    or your fascination with the so-called B-Boy fashion nation.
    If you can please recycle
    even the people in the hood please recycle
    I know it wasn't our fault that they went psycho
    they meaning industry exec's who flex for profit!
    Traditional societies and islanders
    please retain your culture and don't give up!
    Don't you understand we must understand this
    if we want to live in bliss

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