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    This is Headliner from Arrested Development, and I come here tonight
    to give thanks to ithe rain, so brothers and sisters please put down your
    umbrellas, you won't be needing those today...
    Look to the clouds with the most rain coming from it, for without the
    rain there's no me and there's no you...
    I said a drip-drop, a drip-drop, drip-drop
    viva bum bum bum drip-drop ...
    Let it rain, let it rain, let God's water feed me
    The water of life, mentally rinsing me, physically drenching me
    Most are frowning upon your arrival
    but I need you for survival
    And when you fall on my community
    I run outside to properly
    greet you
    Let it rain, take my pain, I'm glad to meet you
    Fill my eyes with a colorful rainbow
    Every drop hits me, fills me
    with an unmeasurable amount of security
    knowing my God acknowledges me
    as if each drop of rain is aimed toward me
    my Lord: Thanks for life [Thanks for my rain]
    my Lord: Thanks for life [Thanks for my rain]
    It's raining revolution
    It's raining solutions
    It's raining revolution (7x)
    I struttle strut thru the ghetto
    The rain this time I feel is mental
    The goal of this rain I feel is spiritual
    Saw thru the eyes of the inflicted people
    Their eyes are hard as a million thombstones
    marked with the names of the millions of kin thrown
    to the dust that gave them their colored skin
    Fade to black is the scene they're embalmed in
    The rain many nights have witnessed her
    Receiving the sperm of a brother into a sister
    and blessed that life to guaranteed existence
    A conscious baby for a black resistance
    I feel the rain enhances the revolution
    and reminds us of a spiritual solution
    and reminds us of an unnatural supernatural solu-lu-lu-lution
    Lost between reality and psychology. 1990's mentality is described
    by the honorable thruth message which is 'True Knowledge Is So Priceless'
    which is so true...
    Rain, rain, stay here ! Wow !
    Love that power !
    Brothers and sisters -haha-
    Raise your hands up high and let me see the colors of your beautiful skin
    Now the ceremony begins
    Lord, let thet heavenly rains cleanse
    Run into your nearest rainbow
    to grab, hold, to ride on
    Each color, learn it ! The importance of each color...oh yeah
    Let it rain (repeats till end)
    oh yeah

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