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    Another morning kneelin' at my altar
    the day is faced with a bunch of grace
    on my case in this worldly rat race
    to keep the pace I depend on ancestors and God
    and by the way my real name is Todd.
    That's how my dead ancestors address me
    that is those that knew me as that.
    My African name hasn't been revealed yet.
    My knees don't mind the bendin'
    as long as the bending keeps me from bending
    or compromising my views and pride
    the inside world gets me prepared for the outside
    I can't wake up on the wrong side of the bed
    as long as my soul has been fine tuned and lubed and
    altars are cool for my inner urge to resume
    to the universe SMPTE tone or metronome.
    Kneelin at my altar (x3)
    in the morning time I got to kneel at my altar
    K N E E L I N at my altar
    Simply put one is naive if they believe
    that this system does not deceive its
    populous dropping us lies in a sack like a stork
    & there's stops that drop from Cali to NY.
    Images are burnt into our brain cells to the extent
    there's still fumes in a no smoking section of a room
    forces are tugging at you from both sides
    to be centered I pray and pour libation
    Oh from there it's diggity diggity done
    I've rinsed my senses & armor alled my armor
    instead of being grouchy I'm a natural charmer
    chilin' with our friends to relatively no end
    & oh my Lord I'm feelin' exuberated
    cool vibes & disciplined enough to go outside
    and don't you know it's gotta be like that, feeling dope

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