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    People of the world we live in
    Don't let no one take our rights
    Right to live in peace and righteousness
    Science is supposed to work in our favor yaw'l
    But when everything naturals destroyed
    Put in the place of it is man made decoys
    Locking us into a world that ain't no world
    Our senses ain't in touch with the universe now
    Instead of going so fast into a new age
    We ain't even got our present age down pact.
    We can't keep our own thang in tact
    Yet scientists talking bout a computer thang?
    It seems to me while some are Scientifically masturbating,
    The reset of us are scraping to save our lives?
    NO MO LIVIN IN THE SUNSHINE, and I ain't wit that now

    In the sunshine

    Now ain't nothing wrong with technology
    As long as we control where it goes
    But as of now it's in the hands of cash flow
    And cash aint humble to Gods plans at all.
    People whether white, black, red or gold
    Need to stand up upright and bold
    Need to first rasps our minds and sould
    Gotta learn to walk before you run oh.
    I think most people want the same thangs
    Just to smile and live without so much strife,
    To be in sync with the one God that gave us life
    And to have a little time to enjoy thangs
    I want all the people to live in the sunshine
    The way it was when it was divine
    The way it must be in the end cuz...
    That's the way it was in the beginning.

    In the sunshine

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