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    Taking a bath within the sun rays
    Letting the aura of life soak me
    living in the country chickens, cows, all around me
    I'me bored I'll take a drive into the city limits
    yo life is just a secret recipe & I'm all up in it.
    Being the grand papa that I am one can forget it
    today I figure I deserve to swerve
    from my normal nerdy status that engulfs my time & that is
    just what I need so here it goes I suppose that it's on
    shake out my dreads with Aloe
    Vera it's rare a brother like me will agree
    with Taree, Kwesi, and go party with Baba
    But Yo I gotta be hip & dip within the Fountain of youth!
    the fountain of youth
    Once I learned to dip and got drenched I got drenched
    without the fear of drowning my ears can hear the sound and...
    my eyes are wide open O P E N
    and consciously aware of my surroundings.
    Wally I'm getting energy -golly gee
    as if I'm solar powered
    it seems like every now & then
    I skim on the edge of nuttiness
    letting the wind push and shove in my dreads as if it's an argument
    But really they're just snuggling for affection
    hair needs loving too,
    speaking of love the western civilization is on another tip
    to tell you the truth they need to dip into the fountain of youth!
    the fontain of youth
    Bopping my head is more that bopping it's a spiritual thing
    rhythms and lines space and time
    relative? yes I pump my sound loud so my people can hear it
    I hope the music soothes our spirits
    cuz it soothes me
    my foundation is strong but I allow some things to move me
    and that is energy from the fountain of youth

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