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    Grab the hook, grab the line
    Grab the bait, grab the box and wait
    Tackle and shackle the topic the faculty has chosen
    Chosen by many, chosen by plenty, chosen by any
    man or woman who can't understand
    the topic that's known and
    [Go by the dock] flock and clock the topic
    as I drop my hook and get a bite
    The reason I'm fishin' 4 a new religion
    is my church makes me fall asleep
    They're praising a God that watches you weep
    and doesn't want you to do a damn thing about it
    When they want change the preacher says "shout it"
    Does shout bring about change ? I doubt it
    All shout does is make you lose your voice
    So on the dock I sit in silence
    staring at a sea that's full of violence
    Scared to put my line in that water
    coz it seems like there's no religion in there
    Naively so I give it another go
    Sitting in church hearing legitimate woes
    Pastor tells the lady it'll be alright
    Just pray so you can see the pearly gates so white
    The lady prays and prays and prays and prays
    and prays and prays and prays and's everlasting
    There's nothing wrong with praying, it's what she's asking
    She's asking the Lord to let her cope
    so one day she can see the golden ropes
    What you pray for God will give
    to be able to cope in this world we live
    The word "cope" and the word "change"
    is directly opposite, not the same
    She should have been praying to change her woes
    but pastor said "Pray to cope with those"
    The government is happy with most baptist churches
    coz they don't do a damn thing to try to nurture
    brothers and sisters on a revolution
    Baptist teaches dying is the only solution
    Passiveness causes others to pass us by
    I throw my line until I've made my decision
    until then, I'm still fishin' 4 religion
    Fishin' 4 religion (11x)
    [Believe !]
    [Everybody in the house tonight...C'mon let me hear you say]

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