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    I am the sole survivor of this illfated mission
    All the others are since long dead and gone
    We had dreams, we had visions
    Nothing left now but one crude decision
    Inhuman temperature slowly rising
    Gasping for air, all supplies are wasted
    We turned the last pages of history
    Our fate shall be shrouded in mustery

    Shall we truly be no more?
    It is hard to comprehend
    Yet I fear it to be true
    Beyond all hope, it is over
    There is no point in going on
    (where did we go wrong?)
    An optic illusion
    Children of another dimension
    The stars shine so painfully bright
    On this, our last fatal night

    Crossing the rubicon
    Into the sun...
    Am I the chosen one?
    Into the sun...

    We were the blessed, the chosen few
    Survivors of the holocaust
    We had the confidence of youth to pull through
    Now I'm so much older and feeling lost
    I steer this ship into the sun
    The flesh of our bodies melt into one
    What once was our vessel
    Now a burning rock, our epitaph... our final requiem

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