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    She flips back the page of the guy with the six pack
    And the girl with the buns of steel
    She sees "$29.99" in big bold print and figures,
    "Ooh what a great steal."
    And says, "Farewell to melba toast,
    Rice cakes and cottage cheese.
    As soon as I get me these here magic pills my mind will be set at ease.
    My mind will be set at ease."

    Who has the time, who has the patience to raise a red flag?
    We see the book beyond the cover, but can we make the distinction?
    That tiny, insubstantial print has much more substance than you think
    Everything's subject to terms and conditions

    He looks over his shoulder at the girl who walked past him,
    A body from heaven
    He sees scarlet red lips and curvaceous hips and says,
    "Hi, my name's Kevin."
    When she opens up her mouth, she leaves no trace of doubt
    She says, "You may have pinned me as the hetero type
    But that's not what I'm about.
    No that's not what I'm about."


    Everything's subject to terms and conditions
    Beware of those cleverly hidden restrictions.

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