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    I haven't heard from you since
    Well I can't even recall your face
    Isn't it sad to think that
    Our younger years have been replaced by
    Responsibilities and life's little intricacies
    When everyone's tryin hard to be
    It's easy to loose track

    You said something's to me that
    I have had trouble forgetting about
    But there ain't no sense in holdin
    Grudges forever thats the simple way out
    We may not be so close now
    Stayin enemies I wont allow
    And the only way that I know how
    To let go is to tell you
    I forgive you
    I forgive you
    I forgive you
    I forgive you, you, you, you
    la de dee da la da
    ohh - ohh

    No sense, no sense in holdin grudges
    Let it go

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