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    In a room draped in blue
    i am thinkin of you
    i am tired
    and i cant sleep
    and for you i will weep
    in a flash you are gone
    yet around me life is calm
    i cannot understand
    is this part of the plan

    i get cards with buques
    but they cant take ur place
    and i have dreams about us
    but i always wake up
    and i can ask all i please
    i can beg down on my knees
    for a reason for a sign
    but these answers i wont find

    oh can you hear me
    cant you tell me why.... why.... why....
    ill go on
    with out you
    and whats left for me to do
    but to stay here where i am
    and my world of pretend
    yeah i wont kno
    until i die
    if my faith was alive
    till then ull here it in my cry
    i didnt want to say goodbyeto you...
    i didnt want to say goodbye to you....
    i didnt want to say goodbye to you......

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