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    I took you to a five star dinner
    I bought you the most expensive wine
    I even paid of the maitre'd
    To usher us up to the front of the line

    You told me you needed a stronger, slimmer man
    So I went and joined the neighborhood gym
    Though the weights put my spine out of commission
    Even you cant deny that I am looking real slim

    You say youre taking your time
    Maybe you dont even care
    Sometimes I wish I was much more easy to scare
    Why? God even knows how I try
    I cant fascinate you
    Something that Ive realized
    Nothing will ever do for you
    But I will solve this mystery
    Youve gotta give me the first clue

    You said you always wanted a humble man
    So I sold my car and bought a beat up van
    I guess that wasnt quite enough for you
    So now I only speak up when I dont know how to follow your plan

    When you treat me unkind
    I wanna leave you far behind
    Then I think of all the things that make you so fine
    And Im back in the role again

    I wont stop til I find the key
    The key to you

    I took the challenge I must confess
    I never met someone so hard to impress
    But all you need is someone to love you
    Who needs the rest?

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