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    And by the way, the comedy, has come and taken me on
    Taken my legs and wrapped them around me so my head can't come down
    Just when I thought I had enough, the storm gets even more rough
    A la la laa...And I'm just living day by day

    Am I this man who understands what my passions decree
    Or better yet, am I the one who should be living this dream
    All I know is that I'm stuck, but I'm bound to find some luck
    Another day still awaits so I won't, I won't fade away

    A hidden love, confidence, or a friend in the night
    And I sleep light, not so tight, I'm afraid the bed bugs may bite me
    Up and down my skin, and deep within, these foes have a grin
    And they keep smiling all along while I creep on through this day

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