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    In a room draped in blue
    I am thinking of you
    I am tired, I can?t sleep
    And for you I will weep

    In a flash, you are gone
    Yet around me life is calm
    I cannot understand
    Is this part of the plan?

    I get cards with bouquets
    But they can?t take your place
    I have dreams about us
    But I always wake up

    I can ask all I please
    I can beg down on my knees
    For a reason, for a sign
    But these answers I won?t find

    And I will weep
    Can you hear me?
    Can?t you tell me why?

    I?ll go on without you
    And what?s left for me to do
    But to stay where I am
    In my world of pretend

    And I won?t know until I die
    If my faith was but a lie
    ?Til then you?ll hear it in my cry
    I didn?t want to say goodbye to you

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