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    Why must it always be stop and go?
    Where in this life can I find constant flow?
    Inconsistency on a larger scale
    Impersistence forcing me to bail out
    Look left look right look left again before you take a giant step
    All this side to side takes me out of my groove makes me feel inept
    I toe the straight line for one short time
    Forget about regrets and doubts that
    Make me stop on a dime

    I'm a fool for distraction
    Can't keep cool throughout my action
    Once in a while I find satisfaction
    I have too much care beyond my reach
    And too much love that I can't preach
    What I really need is consistency

    Everywhere that I go I don't want to be
    Cause I keep telling me "You're missing out, gotta move, gotta break on free"
    A modern-day busybacksoon
    Kind of figures cause I was born in June
    The month of moody, happy feet
    The people that no one would like to meet
    Of wandering no-clues, but why should I have to choose?


    What if what I need is just to believe
    Day in day out I find I'm searching for the key
    My head and heart are too stubborn to agree
    Where it begins must lie within me

    I've been so busy finding my way
    I'm not content with the roles I've been playing
    But something occurred to me just the other day
    I am who I am come what may

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