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    After I said goodbye I promised myself Id try
    To get my mind off you and back to reality
    But only lightning striking me, shaking me up could ever do that trick
    Caught up in your love

    I was halfway home on a jet airplane, halfway between joy and pain
    Thinking about walking with you by the evergreens
    The way that light struck your eye, captured your face, nestled in my memory
    Caught up in your love

    Im looking out my window at blue skies above caught up in your love
    And Im having all these thoughts too wild to speak of caught up in your love

    I dont care if its foolish to feel this way
    I will take my chances with you despite what people say

    People say, "Pay no mind, you dont want to waste your time
    Loving one when theres so much more for you to see.
    But they dont got what Ive got, the jackpot, fits me like a glove
    Caught up in your love

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