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    No one told me life could be like this.
    Now I know that Hell on Earth exists.
    You'll never know what I've been through,
    This living nightmare would destroy you too.

    And if I had a choice I know where I would be.
    This world of suffering is not the place for me.

    I never asked to be an unsung hero,
    I never wanted to be a part of history.
    I never asked to have my life turned into chaos,
    I never wanted this to happen to me.

    Why have they done this to my life?
    Sent to death without committing a crime.
    Another friend lost every day,
    The cost is growing but there's no one left to pay.

    And if I had the chance I'd try to save them all,
    But all that I can do is try to win this war.


    Years have passed but I'm still around.
    I've defied the odds and the body count.
    The end can't be too far away.
    We're getting closer day by day by day.

    And if I had a choice I'd end it right away,
    The sense of futility is getting worse every day

    Chorus x 2

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