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    It started out so perfectly, I trusted you, you trusted me.
    I knew that it was too good to be true.
    I put my whole world in your hands, you tried to make me understand.
    I had to put my faith in you.
    They say nobody's perfect, and I know that you're no different,
    But I thought that you were in control.
    I should have seen it coming, should have known what you were doin',
    Before your actions took their toll.

    Now everything has come undone, you've gone and spoilt all the fun,
    There's nothing left for you to do.
    And people say you lie to me, I'm hearing things back differently,
    So tell me who should I believe?
    I thought that I could trust you, thought that nothing could get past you,
    But then everything got out of hand.
    There's no excuse for what you've done, you've fucked it up for everyone,

    Don't tell me I don't understand.
    Don't lie to me, about the things you say and do.
    Don't lie to me, it'll all come back on you.
    Don't lie to me, about the things you say and do.
    Don't lie to me, it'll all come back on, all come back on you.

    You don't return my messages, I know what your agenda is,
    Did you think that I'd just let it go?
    I'm sick of your excuses, can you tell me what their use is,
    When you're trying to protect yourself
    You know you can't erase the past, and time is running out too fast,
    For you to make it right again.
    You've left me here without a choice, I'm sick of making all the noise,
    The damage is already done.

    Could it really be that hard to just admit you're wrong?
    You knew what you were doing all along

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