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    Could it be that you were someone different many years ago today?
    Something tells me you were just the same.
    You never learnt to deal with life and now you take your problems out on me.
    Exercise your demons somewhere else.
    You don't own me, you don't know me.
    What makes you think that I'm on your side?
    So don't tell me, that you need me.
    Get off my back, time to get a life.

    Leave Me Alone - I don't ever wanna see you again.
    Leave Me Alone - I don't ever wanna call my friend.
    Leave Me Alone - I never really liked you anyway,
    So why can't you just Leave Me Alone.

    Give me one good reason why I shouldn't turn my back and walk away.
    Can't you see there's nothing for me here.
    The time has come for you to stop and think about the things that you have done.
    Time for you to face your darkest fears.
    All I really wanted was a chance for me to get on with my life.
    But you keep on getting in my way.
    Can't you see that every little thing you do is getting on my nerves?
    I never want to see your face again.

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