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    Turn off the tv, put the paper away,
    I can't take it anymore today,
    Turn off the radio, and close the door
    I know I can't be happy anymore
    (because) the world... is getting harder every day...
    and none of us will get a say....
    but soon enough we're gonna pay...
    We'll Pay One Day!

    Why can't the world be more emotional,
    'Cos economics isn't rational,
    And everybody's out for number one
    But when they stop you know they've come undone

    Now I now exactly what's in store,
    Greed and selfishness I can't ignore,
    Every life becomes a closing door
    And so I can't be happy anymore
    I can't ignore what I once used to
    Turn away from what we all go through
    Not happening far away it's at my door
    And now I can't be happy anymore

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