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    Here is so desolate;
    Times, they are dark
    Words ceas' - to end as echoes rolling afar

    Empathy arises
    whilst thou drapest this world in black;
    The only colour that can paint my soul

    Clad in the shades of night
    Thou reflects the pure of heart

    Amidst all the grief this winter unfoldeth
    The thorn in my side - thou retainst

    Thy breeze maketh me shiver
    Maimeth me with its frozen malice
    Thou minglest with the dense night
    I hearken to the voice of thy winds
    They are the saddest of all sounds of thine
    Never will I take leave from thy haunt

    Hast thou ever desired me?
    I recieve no answer, thou letst it pass in silence...

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