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    These constellations

    gleaming at us from afar

    They give rise to frigid memories

    in my mind

    My stellar memetoes are the brightest

    signs that twinkle away

    Infinity, the faustian spirit,

    disheartened, by all

    I will never get up there alone

    but still I will always percieve

    their company

    I honor the farthest fall

    His fall, I, I...

    In my thirst for knowledge

    a new kind of thought arose.

    Enriched me.

    Their weight will always burden me.

    As I then fell into reverie.

    My (struggling) heart felt it's end,

    I lifted the bodkin.

    I fall

    the final recourse

    and the fall, it made me tired, meltdown

    I fly

    All remembered

    They are the reminders of all

    All to us unknown, unknown.

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