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    Probing a voiceless void
    Searching for a closure
    Poisoned tentacles from the past
    Are tumbling fumbling closet
    Mood set
    On full scale regret
    Peaking an all time low
    Distorted pattersn no sight with this lantern
    But a bleak recollection of something undone
    A banished vanished presence
    Of the unspeakable secretive kind
    The uttermost shame is its essence
    The septic transforms the shellshocked and blind
    A nightmare released a terrible disease
    Lurking behind a thin wall of sleep
    The jail-bars of a stigmatized keep
    Across the crumbling layers
    A tricky haze of control
    Beyond matter the untouchable scatter
    The cracks are beginning to show
    Small gaps out of time with riddles entwined
    Looking over my shoulder for some kind of cover
    All I can find to bring peace of mind
    Is that this bloodstained route
    Will carry the strangest of fruits
    Not to turn away tainted
    But look into the deep and weep
    Hibernation sickness complete

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