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    Full of frequency
    an unintelligible roar
    of everything ever lived
    or altogether avoided life

    A storm of voices
    and backward thoughts
    through deserts of sand
    through gutters of shite

    Drums and flames
    our bodies in ruins
    and I say my name
    without my voice

    Speed increases
    fucking all up
    in a whirling wind
    tearing all order apart
    in order to rebuild order

    Police, police, police
    please stop the Euro
    from binar bin Laden
    Io paramount Pan
    Io Paradox Pan

    Don't fight it, you'll only
    whirl up all mass hysteria
    in your thousandfold self

    We lost eachother
    we slide unnoticeably
    in hallucinatory orbit
    around the sun
    the black sun
    oh black sun

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