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    They saw the flags, it didn't look so bad
    They heard the news and how we could not lose
    And they sang with the marching band
    The sailors' wives with anxious eyes
    But it impressed them too
    They even cheered up as the ships pulled clear
    And though it was no-one's fault
    That men went off to war
    I saw a thousand faces all along the shore...
    The women were watching
    So no-one thought of turning back
    He didn't fight for his country's pride
    His life was sold cos it was better than the dole
    He even waved as they sent him away
    But something's changed - no this is not a game
    She held his hand and it was cold and damp
    She couldn't hide from the feelings inside
    Cos in the storm the night before
    She heard him calling... goodbye goodbye goodbye
    Won't you give me a smile
    I could be gone for a long long while
    And though it was no-one's fault
    That he had to go to war
    Among a thousand faces all along the shore
    A woman was watching
    He never thought of turning back

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