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    I hear the birds come greet me in my morning,
    They sing the songs of love in tongues of ages past,
    And all the while a vision is unfolding,
    The Moorhen pipes at me, "don't sleep the day away".
    And so with cautious steps I tread
    A measured path through vale and rook,
    And many signs you'd want to take me with you.
    And I go down to the Landing,
    Heron's Flood flows on storm-clothed
    As the harbour lights guide the wanderers home.
    I see the sun come greet me in his dawning,
    He holds the seed of life within his aged hands.
    And, in the sky, a vast procession streaming,
    Royal banners held aloft to mark the halcyon time.
    And so I walk in meads below,
    Amongst the springs and weevil-gall,
    In myriad throngs the grass will take me with you.
    And I climb up to the Hawk's Throne,
    Cragshorn lies at Umbrian
    And the marram-slopes span the sapient sky.
    I feel the night come bidding me his greeting,
    He draws a glowing veil upon a sleepy world.
    And in the sky the stars roll through the heavens,
    Below, the new-hatched dove stares wondrously above.
    And so to Esma I am come
    To forge a passageway through time
    And all, too soon, you'd come to take me with you.
    And I strike north to the veldt-plains,
    Dorn Ridge melts in snow-gold.
    As the Moorhen
    Pipes the pinkery moon.
    Birdsong, so sweetly, hear them calling you
    Birdsong, so sweetly, hark they're calling you.

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