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    Can U Kick it?
    U Krazy Katz
    Can you swing it
    Can U Kick it?
    U Krazy Katz
    Can you swing it
    Cut no slack jack
    Gotta get myself back
    To where I was startin' today
    I said hoot the toot flut
    In the shop zoot suit
    The one that you sold me that way
    I'm not sure
    Who knockin' at my door
    Who's ringin' my bell I can't say
    (who is it)
    But come right in
    Just wearin' that grin
    Coz you're welcome in here any day
    (All you katz)
    (Fall about)
    U Krazy Katz
    Raise your hats
    To the man and shout
    Well let me hear ya say yeah!
    (woh-oh woh w-oh woaw)
    U Krazy Katz
    Let me hear you say
    Pay that lick snake on your funky brake
    You shake, you rattle, you roll
    With a nick-nack pattie whack
    Make yourself a cool kat
    By swingin' some fun into ! ! my soul
    I'm not sure then the clock strikes four
    We end the that curtain will fall...
    [need help with the last part of the song...]

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